Most of us have an emergency kit for our families, whether in the car or ready to add to our vacation luggage, so when traveling with your beloved cats and dogs, you might want to consider creating one for your pet family too. While a pet emergency kit may sound odd at first, many traveling pet owners will bring one along to ensure the safety of their furry family members. Whether it’s Mother Nature, who can be quite unpredictable these days, or simply walking or hiking with your dog, you never know when you may need help.

Emergency pet kits are available online to purchase or with a little more work you can create your own, customized specifically to your pet’s needs. If you are wondering what should be added to your customized emergency pet kit or additional items to add to your purchased kit, here are some important items recommended by the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society.

  • 72 hour water and food supply, with bowls and can opener. If you and your pet are stranded somewhere with no access to food and water, rationing out some prepared meals could be the most important thing to bring. Make sure you pack their favorite bowls!
  • Blanket/towel Your pet will stay calm and cozy if you bring along their favorite blanket or even just something warm to cuddle in!
  • Toys Investing in some spare toys will keep your pet both happy and exercised, or bring along their favorites.
  • Pet First Aid Kit, with any kind of ID or microchip number You can buy small first aid kits online, or make your own! If you are wondering what should be included in a pet first aid kit, here’s a video!
  • Backup medication If your pet takes any kind of medication, keep some handy in your Pet First Aid kit.
  • Waste collection products Don’t forget to keep some extra litter, poop bags or any other essential toiletry product on hand at all times.
  • Clothing If your pet wears clothes to protect it from the harsh weather, bring these along too. You never know what Mother Nature could be up to.

If you don’t have an emergency pet kit prepared in your home, let this blog give you the motivation to ensure the safety of your whole family, including your furry friends!

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