In 2022, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to relocate hundreds of furry family friends around the world. Working with our partner airlines and key custom contacts, we relocated pets from the far reaches of the United Arab Emirates to South America and from China to Europe and the tip of Africa.

As a wrap-up to this incredible year, we’d like to share some of those relocation stories.

Although we are only one of a very few pet relocation companies in Canada who where able to send animals to Australia during the pandemic, we have had some of the hardest years on record with shipping pets to Australia. Airlines to Australia had actually stopped from flying pets for several months. As many of you know, it was due to this large backlog that we took it upon ourselves to hire a charter flight of 100 animals to Australia in 2021.

Despite the hurdles, we did manage to reunite a few families including Machi, who flew from Vancouver to Melbourne after waiting over a year to go home, and Toby and Elijah also flew the same route. However, these twin black cats got separated from their mom and stayed with us for a couple of months before taking the long journey down under. As many of you already know, flying a Pug can often prove challenging due to their inherent breathing issues, and Dunkin, the Pug from PEI was no exception. He did not have many options to go home, but our team worked diligently to make a plan and he flew via Vancouver and Los Angeles to his family in Australia.

New Zealand
Brothers Albert and Thomas were preparing to go home to New Zealand, when Thomas failed his rabies titer test. It was during the pandemic, so Albert continued on to fly to Australia on one of the WAT charter flights and then on to New Zealand to be with his family. Once Thomas passed his rabies test, our team worked as quickly as we could despite the flying restrictions to reunite the brothers. Almost two years later, Thomas flew on the one and only Air New Zealand flight that was open to animals and flew him to Australia (this airline then closed the flight to pets AGAIN within a week of his flight), our team managed to get Thomas home to New Zealand. Now the happy dogs are back together and playing as if they were never separated.

South Africa
Another destination far from our shores is South Africa. There are no direct flights to South Africa which means we typically arrange a flight via Europe or the Middle East. The total journey is a long one, but we arrange for a comfort stop for pets to stretch their legs, eat, toilet and rest before they are loaded back on the plane for the final leg of the flight home.

We are thrilled to share with you that Dezzi flew from South Africa to Vancouver, and Willow and Maisie, two dogs from South Africa, flew to Toronto. However, one of the happiest stories comes from Duke whose journey started in South Africa and through our partners there helped Duke arrive in Canada safe and sound. Duke’s human mom and dad have this happy reunion video to share with you:

Although South Africa and Australia are far, the longest flight for three furry friends was 12 hours and 45 minutes and that was to the United Arab Emirates from Toronto for cats Happy, Iggy and Caramelle. Phew!

As an international pet relocation company, we relocate hundreds of pets to Europe. Maple, a Labradoodle relocated to Amsterdam; Sibley and Maggie moved from Vancouver to London, and Zoey reunited with her family in France after a flight from Toronto.

South America
We are excited to share one of our South American reunion stories which comes from Sasha, Honey and Patitas, 2 dogs and a cat. Our team helped them on their long journey from Costa Rica to Toronto.

Special Rescue
This year was also a special year for us when one of our employees, Ichie, adopted a Golden Retriever from a dog rescue group that rescues dogs from the meat trade in China. This organization pays money to get the dogs off the meat truck and bring them to their shelter where they receive vaccines, food and water and are spayed or neutered. Ichie adopted one of the six Golden Retrievers from this group when they relocated them to Vancouver. Although Ichie said her dog’s skin was infected with mange and needed medicated baths, she is now such a happy lovely girl, making friends at the park, and learning to play with toys for the first time in her life.

As we head into what will be our 25th year of business in 2023, we are thankful and grateful for all of the wonderful pet parents, partners and custom contacts around the globe that we have the privilege to work with to provide furry friends a true VIP travel experience!

Happy Holidays to you all!