If your love for travel is just as strong as your love for animals, our latest blog is for you!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or an extended adventure, you’ll want to check out these vacation destinations that feature none-other than our favourite things ever – animals!

Here is a list of places that cover some of the most popular destinations for animal lovers:

Image courtesy of Unusual Places

Giraffe Manor in Kenya. We know Africa seems like an obvious place to visit when we talk about animals, but this location is strictly for giraffe lovers. You can have a meal with a giraffe or be woken up by one sticking its head into your room. This 12-acre manor is located near the Langate forest, where these giraffes live. As you enjoy your breakfast, you may feel a tap on your shoulder from a friendly giant asking you to share.

Big Major Cay in The Bahamas. This uninhabited island is an ideal spot for those who want to interact with animals in an open environment. While uninhabited by humans, you can find a plethora of pigs that claim this beach their own. Be sure to bring your bathing suit and take a swim with these friendly pigs!

1000 Islands in Canada. Closer to home, you can take a weekend getaway with your dog to the 1000 Islands located in Ontario. These islands are a sight to see, with million dollar homes and castles on their own private island. Many of the hotels on the 1000 Islands are dog friendly. This location is ideal for a quick getaway to explore homes and nature with your furry friend.

Bay of Fundy in Canada. Travel to Nova Scotia to see magnificently large mammals flap their tails at passing boats. For those of you who are fascinated with water-animals, this is the place to see whales up-close and personal! If you take a boat ride, chances are you’ll see humpback, minke, fin and/or porpoise whales.

If you’re looking to get away for the holidays, consider one of these destinations! Exploring local treasures, animal cafes, or even entering the natural habit of animals will leave you with a new perspective. Safe travels!