Relocating your pet is a process that requires a lot of planning and efficiency. There are so many moving parts to relocating that it can make a pet owner’s head spin, but some owners can be so worried about cutting cost that they try to arrange their pet’s whole relocation on their own.

So, why is it important to leave the work to the professionals? The way we look at, you wouldn’t want an amateur pilot flying you to your destination, so why would you trust anyone but a professional to make your pet’s travel arrangements?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you’ll want to use a professional pet relocation service like Worldwide Animal Travel for your pet’s relocation adventure.

Ready for take-off

 As a precaution, many airlines won’t allow pets to travel internationally unless a professional pet travel agent coordinates their trip. This agent will need to be reliable and registered, so that you can be assured that your pet is getting the absolute best care during their journey. This isn’t just for your pet’s safety; it’s for the safety of the other passengers and crew as well.

Documenting the journey

 Whenever you take a pet over international borders, documentation is required. This proves that your pet has had all of their required shots and medical check-ups to confirm that they are healthy enough to travel. In addition, specific permits are required in every country and must be acquired before the departure date.

Leave your troubles behind

 Arranging for your pet’s relocation is very involved and can be an unnecessary source of stress for a lot of pet owners. Aside from the flight arrangements, medical documentation, and permits, there are several other aspects of travel that need to be considered, including pet pick-up and delivery, quarantine arrangements, and boarding.

The amount of preparation that’s needed before travel is a huge headache for most pet owners. Using a professional pet travel agency doesn’t just ensure that the relocation process is done correctly; it gives you peace of mind. This way, both you and your pet will be able to kick back and relax during the flight.

Worldwide Animal Travel is committed to ensuring that your pet’s journey is the safest and most comfortable possible. We do everything from making travel arrangements, to delivering your pet to your door after the flight. The big difference with Worldwide Animal Travel is that we care about your pet. That way, you know that your furry (or scaly) friend is always in good hands!

To learn more about us, or to request a quote for your pet’s upcoming adventure, contact us today!