Just wanting to shout out Worldwide Animal Travel and the excellent service provided for Nisa. Although we had 3 different travel consultants over the space of 12 months, we were very happy with the service that Pascal, Dominyc, Cailean and Jacqueline and the ground staff had provided us.

Thanks very much team, top service.



Thanks to all your efforts Budsie has finally made it to Canberra safe and sound.  We are so happy to have her back with us and I think she is a little excited as well!!

She has already started exploring the neighbourhood and we are planning many new adventures for her over the next couple of years.

Pass on our thanks to everyone involved in keeping her safe and happy over the last few months and helping us navigate this process.

Darren, Cecilia, Christopher and Budsie


I do not have enough words to praise, thank you and explain how much we appreciate your monumental efforts in successfully getting our 4 legged loved ones home safely, to Australia. When the world shut us out, and everyone including our own Government ignored us, and said, “no it can’t be done”, you came through and showed the world anything can be done. You have truly achieved a golden standard that business and governments globally, should strive to achieve.

I wish I could meet and thank you all in person, but like so many others, we have struggled to get ourselves home, but things are looking up and we will be home with the “Lads” (Esto and Hanzo) by the beginning of April.

Well, I am forever in your debt. I thank my lucky stars we made contact when we did because your efforts have made everything else possible. You are truly lifesavers.

Chris and Kim


The last week has been the least stressed I’ve been in months. I can’t begin to thank you personally and the rest of the team for making it all happen.

Your full understanding of the paperwork and process to get the animals safely into Australia was amazing especially with the lack of Flights available to get them there, there’s no way I would have been able to navigate successfully through it all without your help. And a huge thank you for dealing with the mishaps with paperwork and coming up with a plan to make it all work in a timely and professional manner!

I would recommend the company to anyone relocating their fur-babies, they are in safe hands with you!

Sophie + Duke


I just wanted to let you know that Kenai arrived safe and sound in Hobart where my husband picked him up! I haven’t arrived in Hobart yet but Kenai’s seems to be settling in pretty good.

We’re very grateful for all the help we received from you and your team, making this big move for our little fur baby possible. Thank you!



I would highly recommend Worldwide Animal Travel to anyone who needs to transport their pet overseas. There are few places in the world more difficult to ship a dog to than Australia – the quarantine regulations are eye-watering but with guidance from WAT I managed it. There were 5 visits to the vet, all strategically spaced over a 6 month period for mandatory blood tests, vaccinations and parasite treatments and all of them requiring meticulous documentation. WAT provided step-by-step guidance with each of these and ensured that the paperwork was all correctly certified and in order prior to our dog boarding the plane.

At the time, commercial overseas flights were being routinely cancelled on very short notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic so WAT took the initiative to charter their own plane to transport 100 pets. Our dog arrived safely in Melbourne after a 15 hour non stop flight and passed Australian quarantine’s initial inspection upon arrival – pretty good for a just turned 10 year old Jack Russell terrier cross, and a credit to WAT!