Think of your fur baby.  Now think about being separated from them for over six months against your own will.  Sounds tough, right?  Yet this is what happened to many families at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the story of one family, the Kossakowski’s and their dog, Denny, and how they were resilient in overcoming a gruelling six month separation during COVID-19.

The Kossakowski’s never expected to be gone from their dog for so long.  As Jacenty Kossakowski explains, the family was supposed to reunite with Denny following his 10 day quarantine after arriving in Australia back in July 2021.  Unfortunately, cancelled flight after cancelled flight meant the two-week separation turned into a dragged out six month wait before they’d eventually reunite.  Luckily, family friends were able to care for Denny in his parents’ absence.

In order to be a bit closer to Denny, the Kossakowski’s relocated to Warsaw, Poland in October 2021 as they waited for Australia’s borders to reopen.  It wasn’t until three months later, this past January, that the family was finally able to step on a plane that was headed for Australia.

During their separation, the Kossakowski’s were able to maintain contact with Denny through video chat, but as Jacenty recounts, the virtual experience wasn’t the same as having their fur baby right there with them, especially considering he wasn’t aware that they were there with him in spirit.  It was an especially trying time for Denny who even refused to eat the first day he was with his host family, though he eventually became comfortable in his new surroundings.

The big day to reunite with Denny finally arrived a couple months ago.  Even after their joyful reunion, the Kossakowski’s noticed that it took him some time to warm up to them again and reach the same level of emotional bond that they once had.  But as bittersweet as this story may be, Denny has a lot to look forward to.  In addition to making up for lost time, the Kossakowski’s are excited to show Denny his new home that they’re planning on moving into just before Easter.

This story reminds us of the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones, fur babies and all.  Our entire team here at Worldwide Animal Travel is grateful to have been a part of Denny’s journey, and we wish him and his family nothing but the best as they rekindle their bond.

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