Dogs are not only companions for life, but they’re also some of the most loyal creatures a person can have by their side. Unfortunately, not everyone loves dogs as much as you and I do. If you are concerned about how owning a dog may affect the sale of your home, here are five tips you can follow:

  1. Fixing the Damage

It’s likely that over the years, your dog has left their mark somewhere in the home. From scratches on the floor to holes in the backyard, you should work on cleaning up these flaws before you put your home on the market. You may feel that these marks add character to the home, but they may cause buyers to feel the need to inspect the whole home with a fine-toothed comb to get an idea of just how much damage there is.

  1. Removing the Smells 

You may have gotten used to your dog’s natural smells and ignored stains they left behind a long time ago, but buyers are likely to notice. It may be worth calling in a professional cleaner to remove the layers of smells that are buried in your cushions and carpet. Bad smells are one of the biggest reasons buyers pass on a home.

  1. Prepping for Home Showings

It may be in your best interest to hide the evidence of your dog while other people are touring your home. Most buyers don’t want to see a mountain of chew toys in the corner or have to move around a large dog crate. This means not only putting away toys and blankets but also paying attention to your yard. If there are any dug up flowers or patches of grass, they may need to be replaced.

  1. During Home Showings 

There are some buyers who will love seeing a dog at home showings, especially if they have one of their own. It may even be what causes a home to stick out in their minds. But generally, there’s no way of knowing how a buyer will react. Also, even the most well-behaved dogs may not react well to other people in their home. We suggest having someone you trust let your dog stay at a their house during showings.

  1. Comforting the Dog 

No matter how much you try, your dog is going to go through a lot of stress during your home sale. But you can lessen that stress by paying careful attention to your dog’s routine, especially their feeding schedule. The more you keep things the same, the more likely it is your dog will be able to handle a little change.

As a dog and home owner, you may need to spend a little extra time and money to sell a home than a seller who has no pets, but the efforts will hopefully be worth it.

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