“How can I prepare my pet for travel?” This is one of the most common questions I am asked. If you are shipping a pet for the first time, you might be unaware of how to get your pet ready for their big trip. It’s important that you book your pet’s travel accommodations in advance to make sure you have everything together before you get ready to ship your pet to their destination. Once you have booked your flight, it’s time to get the process started. Here are some tips I give to owners who are shipping their pets for the first time: Do your research. Every country has a different set of laws regarding animal travel. For example, some places need to quarantine your pet for up to 30 days after they have been shipped there. Imagine driving to the airport to pick up your puppy just to find out that you can’t take him home for another 30 days. Make sure you look into the laws and regulations of the country your pet is flying to at least 6 months prior to the shipping date. Stay up to date on vaccinations. No one likes to get a shot, but it’s important that your pet is in good health before travelling. Most countries require your pet to have had their rabies vaccinations at least 30 days before travelling. Some countries might have other laws around vaccinations so ensure to research vaccination requirements in advance. Train your pet for travel. Allow your animal to get used to the crate they will be using when they fly. By allowing them to adapt to the space before they make the trip, they will feel more comfortable when they fly. Ensure their comfort. After your pet has received all of their shots, eaten 6-8 hours prior to their flight, and are used to the crate they will be travelling in, it’s time to depart! Give them a personal item to take on their trip, such as an old sweater that smells like you or a small bedding item. This will help them feel more at home. Leaving your pet at the airport is always difficult, but knowing you have prepared them for travel will make you both a lot more comfortable, and you can rest easy knowing that your animal is safe and sound en route to their brand new home!