WAT Awarded Industry Partner Award at IPATA International Conference

WAT Awarded Industry Partner Award at IPATA International Conference  

October 2022

Worldwide Animal Travel (WAT)Awarded Industry Partner Award at IPATA International Conference  

Honolulu, Hawaii The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), the world’s pet shipping experts, honored Bruno Mansueto of Worldwide Animal Travel with the Industry Partner Award at its 2022 International Conference.

IPATA’s Industry Partner Award honors a person, company or organization that contributes to the improvement of the industry, welfare, business and ability to serve customers.

“Bruno’s team at Worldwide Animal Travel made the impossible possible,” says Hazel Imrie, IPATA President. “During the pandemic, he realized the need for charter flights from Canada to Australia. Many clients and IPATA partners were able to profit from his efforts – in particular making sure that snub-nosed dogs were able to join their families in Australia.”

Mansueto is the founder of Worldwide Animal Travel, and with two locations in Vancouver and Toronto, the organization specializes in Canadian and international travel.  

About IPATA 

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) is celebrating its 44thAnniversary as the worldwide trade association for animal handlers, pet moving providers, kennel operators, veterinarians and others who are dedicated to the care and welfare of pets and animals during transport. The non-profit organization was founded in 1979 when six people came together and formed what is now a global network of more than 485 member companies in 90 countries across the world. For more information, or to find a professional pet shipper, visit 

New Zealand Flight

New Zealand Flight

May 5th,  2021

Worldwide Animal Travel (WAT) helped reunite a charter flight of 42 pets with 36 families. On April 26th, 2021, WAT chartered a plane from Vancouver to New Zealand to relocate pets who had been separated for almost a year due to COVID-19.


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Melbourne Flight

Melbourne Flight

November 13, 2020

Worldwide Animal Travel (WAT), in partnership with Jetpets, is helping to reunite 70 pets to their families. On November 5, 2020, WAT is chartering a plane from Vancouver to Melbourne to relocate pets who’ve been stuck due to COVID-19.


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COVID-19 Travel Update

An Important COVID-19 Update

June 8, 2020

As airline restrictions begin to lift in Canada, Worldwide Animal Travel is excited to announce that we will be resuming pet relocations for a select number of routes. Read More

2019 IPATA Awards in Chicago

Congratulations Bruno and Pascal!

November 20, 2019

Our managing director, Bruno Mansueto (right), was recently presented with the Millie Woolf Memorial Leadership Award at the 2019 IPATA Awards in Chicago. The winners of this coveted honour develop opportunities that advance education or improve professionalism in the safe and humane transport of animals. Congratulations, Bruno!

Meanwhile, our sales coordinator, Pascal Leutwyler (left), was awarded The Best Operational Service Provider. This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies professionalism, empathy, compassion, efficient response, accuracy of information, and customer service. We can certainly understand why they chose our very own Pascal to win!

Worldwide Animal Travel Expands to Toronto

Worldwide Animal Travel Expands to Toronto with New Office

October 28, 2018

In response to growing demand for their pet travel services in the Greater Toronto Area, Worldwide Animal Travel has officially opened a new office location at 1-1071 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, Ontario. The unique space features a cattery, dog kennel and ample space to walk animals. This office joins their existing location in Richmond, British Columbia. Read More

Ukraine International Airlines Announcement

An Important Announcement

July 15, 2020

Please note that Worldwide Animal Travel was NOT involved in the recent transportation of deceased puppies on Ukraine International Airlines to Toronto. Like many of you, we are deeply saddened to hear about this devastating situation. As animal lovers, pet owners, and people who work with animals on a daily basis, it is our utmost priority to ensure the wellbeing of animals, especially when they are in our care. 

As a member of IPATA, Worldwide Animal Travel operates under strict guidelines that strive to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all animals during their relocation process. In addition to these guidelines, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. To learn more about our ethical standards, please visit our ethics page.



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Sept 30, 2019

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Animal Wellness Magazine

Changes in Dog Behavior When Traveling

August 20, 2018

Traveling with dogs can be a challenge – but it’s nothing you can’t handle! Here’s a few unwanted behaviors to watch out for on your journey, and some tips on how to fix them. Read More

AirTags and Your Pet

Don’t Let Your Pet Travel with AirTags They Contain Lithium Batteries

Don’t Let Your Pet Travel with AirTags They Contain Lithium Batteries

There has been an increase in the number of pet owners using AirTags on their pets and this has the industry very alarmed. AirTags like so many everyday devices use lithium batteries, and can catch fire if damaged or if battery terminals are short-circuited. Due to the use of lithium batteries in these devices, they are illegal to use on your pet when they are travelling in the cargo hold of a plane. In fact, it could put them and everyone on the plane in grave danger.

At Worldwide Animal Travel we pre-screen all pets travelling with us prior to them loading on the aircraft. If air tags are found attached to your pets carrier or their physical bodies these will be removed before they are able to board the plane. We care deeply for your pets and work diligently to get them home safely to you. Please leave their transport and tracking in our capable hands.