In celebration of National Moving Month this May, we’d like to discuss something that affects us all – homesickness. Whether it’s moving to a neighbouring city, or relocating to an entirely different country, it’s natural to miss home every once and a while. But did you know that homesickness isn’t only a human emotion? That’s right, your furry friends can feel its effects just as much as you do! The good news is, there are some simple things you can do to provide your pet with the emotional relief they need: 1) Routine, routine, routine Even though you’ve moved to a new place, it’s helpful for your pet if you try as much as possible to maintain the same routine you had at your old place. Did you go on walks in the park with your dog every morning? Find a new park and do the same. Did you have a special area in the house that you always cuddled with your cat? Scope out an area in your new house and do the same. 2) It’s all in the smell Providing your pet with smells they’re familiar with is key to helping them overcome some of the distress they’re experiencing. Instead of throwing out their bed from your previous home, bring it to the new place (no matter how beat up it may look!). The same goes for their toys, food dishes, water bowls, etc. One familiar smell can quickly make an unsettling place seem much more comforting to your pet. 3) Make time for playtime The first few weeks (let’s face it – the first few months) of moving into a new house can be very disorganized and hectic. You will likely have a lot of unfinished moving business to take care of. Although you’ll be very busy for the first little while, make sure to set aside time to play with your pet. Neglecting them will only increase their anxiety – not to mention yours! 4) Don’t add to their stress It’s important you respect your pet and give them time to adjust. Don’t add any stressors to an already-stressful situation. You may want to postpone your house warming party until well after your pet has become settled in. Try giving your pet a break! If your dog hates baths, don’t bathe them for a little while. If your cat can’t stand getting their nails clipped, hold off on that as well. By following these 4 simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to giving your pet the peace of mind they need. Your only next step is to start enjoying this new and exciting chapter of your life together!