If you’re a pet owner, chances are your pet is like your baby.  And just like how we pamper human babies, we’re now extending that same treatment to our animal counterparts, and so we should!  Pet owners are investing more and more money into quality products to give their pets the best life they deserve.  But what are people splurging their money on these days?  Some of these products may surprise you!

Are you ready to fork up some dollars to give your pet “the best”? Here are some of the hottest luxury pet products on the market right now:

Monitor your cat’s health with PrettyLitter

Let’s face it – no cat owner truly likes looking at or smelling a yucky litter box.  So what if we could make it pretty by adding some rainbow colours, eliminating odours and at the same time learning about our cat’s health?  The people at PrettyLitter thought about just that!  Not only does this fancy litter trap odour and eliminate moisture, it even changes colour to tell you when your cat has a potential health issue such as worms, metabolic acidosis or a UTI.  Take advantage of proactive health monitoring and avoid expensive health bills!

If that’s not convincing enough, it also happens to be Martha Stewart-approved!  This product retails for a $30 monthly subscription for one cat and increases from there.

Keep your cat safe with Cat Enclosures

Want your cat to experience a breath of fresh air without the fear of them escaping?  Introducing cat enclosures or “catios”!  These enclosures provide safety for your feline as they experience the outdoors.  They come in a variety of designs depending on how spacious you want them to be, from window boxes to sanctuaries and havens to oases and tunnels.  This will, of course, influence the final price tag, but you may opt to save some dollars by making it a DIY project.

Treat your pup with some delicious FroYo

Looking to cool your pup off this summer with a delicious treat?  Look no further than frozen yogurt from The Bear & The Rat!  Flavours include bacon and peanut butter and banana and peanut butter, so chances are your pup will be drooling at first lick.  And best of all, these treats don’t contain any soy, gluten, wheat, xylitol, artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, so they’re both tasty and healthy! You can find this tasty treat at your local Whole Foods store.

So, are you ready to treat your pet like the King and Queen they truly are?  If so, then don’t forget to use Worldwide Animal Travel as your trusted pet relocation service for your upcoming move!  Contact us today to receive a free quote!