Many of our clients were captivated by the story of four kittens who were abandoned, and later discovered by Worldwide Animal Travel (WAT) in transit from Taiwan. They were highly malnourished, and looked as though they wouldn’t make it through the journey, let alone the night.

Luckily, the WAT team was on the case! We rescued the kittens and brought them back to our Managing Director, Bruno, his wife, and their family of cats. They took it upon themselves to nurse these little kittens back to health, making sure they had everything they needed to make a full recovery.

The past few weeks have been pivotal for them. However, with a lot of love and care from Bruno and his family, the kittens have gotten stronger and healthier, and are having a blast in their new home with their new brothers and sisters.

If you’re ever in a position where you find lost or abandoned kittens, or any other pets, here are some things you can do to ensure that they are either reunited with their owner or mother, and that you take the right steps to find suitable shelter for them.

Look for identification

Take a look and see if the kitten or pet has a collar with an identifying tag. If so, call the number on the tag, or take them to the nearest animal shelter and have them contact their owner.

Share over social

Social media has become an amazing way of sharing information at the click of a button. Take a picture of the pet and share it on Facebook or Twitter to alert other people online that the pet has been found.

Contact your local animal shelter

This would be your first step if you find an abandoned pet. Let the animal shelter know where you found it, what condition it’s in, and if there are any immediate risks to its health and safety. After the animal shelter takes it in, they can keep you updated on its progress.

Capture the cat, if necessary

In some cases, stray kittens (or other pets), may not be safe on their own, and you may need to capture them in order to get them to safety. If you can, transport the animal into your home while you call the animal shelter.

For over 20 years, Worldwide Animal Travel hasn’t just been devoted to relocating your furry friends: we’ve been actively involved in saving and shaping the lives of animals all across Canada and the United States. Our team has participated in the rescue and safe transport of a variety of species, including dogs, cats, and birds. We see it as a way of growing and strengthening our own family!

If you’re looking to relocate your pet, especially if your destination is traditionally challenging for pet travel, contact Worldwide Animal Travel! We’ll put the exact same love and care into travelling your pet as we do for our own furry families. Call today!