Moving to a new city, country or continent is an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful. Anyone who’s ever moved can tell you that transporting all of your belongings to a completely different location can take a lot of time and effort.

Moving can be stressful for your pets as well. They have no prior knowledge of the transition, and their new surroundings might be a little strange to them at first. While eventually, you know your furry friends will come to love your new home as much as you do, getting them ready for a big move can take some time. I have helped hundreds of pets move to new homes in my years as a pet relocation specialist. While all animals react differently to travel, there are a few simple ways to get your pets ready for this kind of transition. Here are my tips to help you prepare your pet for a big move.

  • When packing up your home, try and remove items in stages, leaving a familiar space for your pet. This will allow them to stay calm as you begin to remove items from your home. On moving day, get a friend or family member to take your pet to their home so they can be removed from the hustle and bustle of movers and moving trucks.
  • If you are moving far away, make sure your pet is used to being in a crate or kennel before they make the journey to their new home. Try training them to be in their crate for brief periods of time in the weeks leading up to the big move, as this will allow them to stay calm when they need to be in there for longer.
  • If you’re moving to a location with a different climate than you’re currently in, try and get your pet used to colder or warmer temperatures, that way they won’t be shocked when they get off the plane.
  • Make your travel plans in advance. There is nothing worse than being in a hurry on moving day, and you don’t want your pet to experience that kind of stress. Make sure you have made their transportation arrangements in advance and your pet has all the proper vaccinations needed before travel. The calmer you are during your move, the calmer your pet will be.
  • When you and your pet have safely arrived at your destination, get to know your new neighbourhood! Familiarizing your pet with his or her new home will make the transition easier. And hey, a few treats never hurt either!

When you’re about to make a big move, remember to get your pet ready in advance so you can both feel at home in no time.