If you’re anything like us, you like to spoil your pet any opportunity you get – and the holiday season is as good an excuse as any. And why wouldn’t you? Your furry friend offers you so much comfort and joy all year round; isn’t it only appropriate to show them how much you appreciate them?

While your gift-giving list may seem endless, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your pet to make them feel extra special. Here are some of the best gift ideas for your pet during the holiday season:

Maze or Puzzle Bowls

If your cat or dog likes to gobble up their food like it’s going to disappear at any second, they could be harming their digestive tract. Fast eating can result in an upset stomach and vomiting, a combination that can culminate in future dental issues. A maze bowl is an excellent way to get your pet to slow down, preventing any digestive complications. Best of all, the easy puzzles are just part of the mealtime fun!

Take a look at these options.

Organic Treats

We all worry about the additives in our own food, so why not treat our pets to some preservative-free goodies as well? Organic, gluten-free treat options give your pet an eco-conscious snack that’s both nutritious and delicious, providing your furry friend with all of the goodness they need for a healthy, balanced diet.

Check out these options, and why they’re great for your pet.

Rotating Laser Toy

This gift idea is mainly geared towards the cat lovers out there. If you’re looking for a new, fun way for your kitty to get some exercise, this rotating laser toy offers hours of entertainment for your pet (and a lot less work for the humans). As an added bonus, getting your cat to elevate their heart rate will help with muscle tone, weight, mood, and decrease their risk of feline diabetes.

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Pet Grooming Gloves

Who doesn’t love a massage? These grooming gloves help to keep your pet’s coat smooth and silky, eliminating excess dander and hair while giving them a little extra pampering. They can also prep your pet for any seasonal changes, maintaining a soft texture in their coat at any time of the year. These gloves can even be used on nearly any pet, including horses.

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Orthopaedic Pet Bed

 If you have an older pet, particularly a senior dog, this is an excellent gift idea. Your pet’s aching joints and muscles will get extra support while they enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep, providing the extra care that your senior pet craves. You may even want to try it out for yourself!

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Your pet will love you forever, regardless of the quantity of presents under the tree. However, in the spirit of giving, it always feels wonderful to give a little something special to your furry companion during the holiday season. The cuddles and tail wags will be all the thanks you’ll need.